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Want to know all about the Rover SD1? Why don't you become a member of the Rover SD1 club in the UK? It is an excellent club, with active and enthusiastic members worldwide. Like to know more on the Rover SD1 club, click on the logo.

And if you like to see more of these fine British cars, why don't you visit the Rover SD1 meetings. Below are links to pages that give you an impression what can be seen during these days.

BL/BMC show held August 2, 2009, missed the show, see the photo's of that lovely day! Click here!

NEWS, NEWS together with the Rover SD1 club is working on video "30 years of Rover SD1". Have a glance of some of the footage or download the promo, click here


Do you have any Rover parts for sale, or are you looking for Rover parts, visit the classified adds.

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Billing spare day April 2005 click here.

Hatton the Rover SD1 "National" click here.

Billing spare day April 2006, click here..

Missed the National 2006? Here you can see the Bastos racing cars driving along the arena.


Nu ook in Nederlands! Klik op de vlag!

Rover SD1 for sale click here!



23/2600 SD1 Owners. Do you remember the ROSDI unit that was designed to help prevent sudden camshaft failure by detecting oil failure to the camshaft bearings. This device has been unavailable for some time. Would any owners of this model be interested in one? if so please email me for more info.


Rover never supplied cars to Argentina, certainly not in the 80's. But Hector Rosalles found one, a 2600 VDP, bought it, and here is his car in "Project South America" Click here...


Dear visitor, welcome on the ROVERSD1.INFO

This website Started as “the” web site for 6 cylinder Rover SD1 cars it now also included history on the Sd1 cars, the various models, background information, and the idea behind all this is to share information on all the Rover SD1 models ranging from 2000, 2300, 2400TD, 2600 and V8 models the 3500 and Vitesse. There is a lot published over the years, in books, magazines and there is also a lot on the Internet, but we hope this is a nice site for you as future buyer or interested car enthousiast.

What you see is a short description on each model, their engine, equipment, and on some of them you can even find an engine overhaul. Most of them are still reflecting to the 2300 and 2600 models, but in the near future more information on other cars will become available.

There is a forum where you can ask your question online, and we follow Lee Allen on one of his projects, a complete car re-spray of a 2600 vanden Plas.

Hope you all like the site, and if you want to add something to it, drop me a line.





Watch restoration of "Sally" and read about the 2600 vanden Plas back on it's feet (wheels) again. Read more...



Chris Franson, Racing his Rover SD1 in the USA! CLICK ON THE PHOTO

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Historical background, technical advise, problems with FASD units, carburetors, as well as a complete engine overhaul of a 2.6 liter engine you will all find it here.

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